Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting 

Running a business comes with a great deal of responsibilities, leaving most business owners too busy to routinely examine their books and records with much detail.

Employee theft and financial impropriety are issues that should be taken seriously. Fraud and misappropriation of assets are a very real problem for any company.

I specialize in poring over books, reports, transaction records, and more to ascertain the truth when it comes to questionable financial situations. Whether money is being funneled out of your business’s funds or you suspect your former spouse of hiding assets during your divorce, Frank E. Nute, Certified Public Accountant is here for the people of Edina to get to the bottom of things.

Why Hire a Forensic Accountant?

No matter if you’re a cash-based business whose numbers aren’t quite adding up or a divorcee who is certain that your spouse is illegally sheltering finances and assets, a forensic accountant is your best option for uncovering unethical actions.

Frank E. Nute, Certified Public Accountant has the experience and expertise to thoroughly analyze financial records and statements to discover evidence of wrongdoing. I find discrepancies that can save your company money and protect your capital.

Forensic Accounting Services in Edina

When you suspect fraud or theft, Frank E. Nute, Certified Public Accountant helps you uncover the truth and get the justice you deserve. I offer a variety of forensic accounting services, including:

  • Investigation of theft
  • Quantification of fraud losses
  • Bribery and corruption examination
  • Transaction analysis
  • Litigation support
  • Records analysis and reconstruction
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Divorce accounting
  • Unreported income and asset investigation

I dig into the evidence to find the facts and ensure that unethical activities are brought to light. Don’t let fraud and theft cost your company any more money than it has to. Contact my office today.

Divorce Accounting

Going through a divorce is never easy. It is a difficult and emotionally distressing experience compounded by the stress of legal proceedings.

The process is only made worse when separation turns malicious and a spouse attempts to conceal assets in order to reduce equitable distribution. In cases such as these, I dig deep to reveal these assets and ensure that all parties receive the distribution they deserve.

Frank E. Nute, Certified Public Accountant can also assist with expert witness testimony and litigation support, as well as child support and alimony disputes.

Protect Yourself and Your Business Today

My firm offers expert forensic accounting services to businesses and individuals in Edina, as well as the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

To protect yourself from fraud, theft, and asset concealment, contact Frank E. Nute, Certified Public Accountant today to schedule a consultation.

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