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You're going through a divorce, you have feelings of anger, despair and sadness.  This is a very emotional time and you feel your world is coming apart at the seams.  Your financial independence may be at risk and you have real concerns about your present and future finances.  Is your spouse hiding something?  Will you get what you deserve?  Will it be enough?

At this very critical point in your life, you need to ensure that every asset is properly identified, valued and recorded.  You also need to ensure that your financial future will be secure and your financial independence preserved. 

Making Frank E. Nute CPA, LLC part of your team results in a finance professional sitting in your corner looking out for your financial needs.  I develop and implement a plan that ensures all the financial details critical to your financial future will be reviewed prior to your divorce settlement.

My four step process is as follows:

  1. Identification of assets, liabilities and family income.  Working with your attorney, I thoroughly evaluate your assets, liabilities and family income.  I provide an expert's perspective on tax exposure in this highly specialized practice area.  I prepare a list of issues and concerns relating to your lifestyle, valuation and/or other reports.
  2. Division and/or distribution of assets, liabilities and income.  I develop action plans based on a summary of the assets and entitlements identified in legal documents.  
  3. Moving On. I provide guidance to help you make financial decisions that will impact your present and future financial independence.  I develop cash flow and budgeting plans.
  4. Looking Forward. I review your income taxes on a quarterly basis, making sure you are in compliance and at year end I prepare your tax return, assist with tax planning for the next year and prepare estimated tax payment vouchers.

I help you focus on your financial challenges and work through the financial changes to gain control of your finances.  It is very important that any tax advice be sought prior to signing a final divorce decree. My services are customized to fit your situation.  If you're going through a divorce and need help with financial issues, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page to receive a Free Consultation.

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