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With nearly 30 years of accounting expertise, Frank E. Nute, Certified Public Accountant provides individuals with a range of litigation support services such as forensic accounting and expert witness testimony in Edina. With a qualified CPA and forensic accountant on your side, you can feel confident that your finances are well represented and your case results in a fair settlement. We examine financial reporting irregularities and analyze cash flow transactions where questionable accounting practices and fraud are suspected. We also offer forensic accounting services for divorce clients to review personal finances and uncover any hidden assets.

Frank E. Nute, CPA, is a Certified Fraud Examiner and works with attorneys, courts of law, corporations, individuals, and others to identify criminal financial activity and provide reliable expert witness testimony when needed. He also offers individualized tax and business advisory services to help businesses in Edina succeed in their capital ventures. Services include:

Call me at 952-405-2082 today and schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns and learn more about my forensic accounting services in Edina. We work with clients in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota.

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